#43 Levi and Jessica Courtney - Owners of Spartan Air & Red State Armory

Real Hustle

Feb 27 2023 • 57 mins

Levi's  Bio:
After high school I joined the Marine Corps and endeavored two tours, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. After being honorably discharged I started college then later found a passion in customer service and being very hands on. I graduated technical school in 2013 and by 2016 I earned my own hvac contractors license and started my own company. Soon after I began a custom closet company. I soon sold and still owner operate our hvac company. We enjoy custom, Innovative and eclectic remodels and new construction. Our team is intuitive and very creative. There is nothing we cannot do. Our standards for quality is high and our number one goal is to make our customers happy.
I also owner operate our newest company Red State armory LLC.
We run offshore machine gun charters for personal or corporate retreats. We have single day or full weekend packages.
My goals are to succeed at everything I do and what I do has not limits.

Jessica’s Bio
I graduated 2007 from Manatee High School with college credits from the medical academy program.  I went to Manatee Community College for two years and realized I needed something different.  2011 I started a journey in the cosmetology field. As I trained and completed my licensing, I worked 5 years before I received another license in cosmetic tattooing. This pathway gave me many opportunities to work with many people and to perfect my skill. I was able to work in a medical office and help all different types of people my tattooing consisted of nipple reconstruction (for breast cancer patients), scar camouflage, micro blading and much more. In 2020, it was time for a new career change. Having young children and our HVAC company growing, I agreed to work with Spartan Air Solutions to use my skills of organizing and customer relations. I grew quickly into the HVAC industry and now work with the best. We have merged with some awesome people who matched our drive for success. We are very grateful. As of May 2022, I can proudly say I can now add Brass Babe of Red State Armory to my resume. My husband, Levi, came up with the concept on a gun range with friends. He put his dreams to reality. As the wheels were in motion and my roller skates couldn’t go fast enough. We now successfully have been working together and with great love and support from family and friends we have been taking off.