#29 Joe Pishkula - IFBB Pro League and NPC Promoter & Judge

Real Hustle

May 23 2022 • 1 hr 9 mins

Joe Pishkula has been in the bodybuilding world for over 30 years, Joe got his start in Cleveland, Ohio were he did his first competition  in 1988 as a teen competitor. Joe was in the construction business for over 25 years then went into do some consulting work.  When it was time to reup for anther year as consultant Joe decided that he was ready to make his mark on the IFBB and NPC league as a promoter and a Judge.  Currently Joe can be seen as the head judge at many shows and Joe has been a Judge for the Olympia for the past 3 years. The Super Bowl of Bodybuilding. Joe also runs the Klash series which is one of the top shows in Florida.

On the podcast Joe talks a lot about what goes into judging a competition and how they score each athlete.  If you are into bodybuilding or looking to get into it then this podcast is for you. Joe talks about what it takes to compete and how to get there.

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