Marked Safe: A Disaster Podcast

Brianne and Melanie

Are you Marked Safe? Join friends Brianne and Melanie as they come together to share some of the worlds most incredible disaster stories and delve into the details and fallout from them.
You Should Be Panicking: 1999 Bridge Creek–Moore Tornado
1 hr 18 mins
Heave and Hump: Niagra Falls Ice Bridge DisasterDry Your Tears with Piles of Cash: The Cocoanut Grove FireYou're Automatically Haunted: Lighthouse DisastersWhat Boy Wouldn't?: Urban Legends Part 2
AUDIO DISCLAIMER: Melanie is at it again - she attempted a new recording set-up and the audio did not work out as planned. We've learned our lesson and won't be mixing it up again, sorry for the iffy sound this week!This week, the Midwestern food bracket has two tasty contenders, Melanie forgets this is a family show and is too willing to exhume a corpse, sewer alligators get gaslit out of existence, Brianne faces her phobia head-on for the sake of research, and reptiles encounter labia yet again.Content warnings: live burial, dissection of corpse, stillbirth/infant loss 15:40, depression, coma, graphic murder of dog in urban legend 23:55, another dog murder at 28:14, meanness to alligators, decapitation, death from hit and run, brief mention of alcoholism, knife assault, non-graphic mention of rape.Links:A decades-old ‘slasher’ tale is circulating on TikTok nowCan Alligators Live in Sewers?Can Humans (Briefly) Survive Decapitation?Corpse mistaken for Halloween decorationDecapitation in Rats: Latency to Unconsciousness and the ‘Wave of Death’Did Anne Boleyn really try to speak after being beheaded? Do You Really Stay Conscious After Being Decapitated? How Urban Legends Like 'The Licked Hand' Are BornPolice still searching for man in brazen Salt Lake City rapeSewer AlligatorSewer alligatorSlasher Under the CarThe Alligator In The Sewer: Evidence Behind NYC's Urban LegendThe Horrid Story Of Octavia Hatcher, A Grieving Mother Who Was Buried AliveThe Licked HandThe Story of Octavia HatcherThe True Story Of Octavia Hatcher - History vs. Myth The Truth About Alligators in the Sewers of New YorkURBAN YARN OF `MALL SLASHER` JUST WON`T DIEWoman raped in downtown parking lot in broad daylight
Nov 10 2021
59 mins
Monstrosities Abounded: Urban Legends
This week, Brianne throws a wrench in the Midwestern food bracket on day one, Melanie is forcibly drafted into the world of hot takes, we investigate the secret lives of farm children, Brianne has questions about necking, and we offer legal advice for anyone with a Kyle in their inbox.Content warnings: vomiting/nausea, adult jokes, murder, pigs eating people, violence, robbery, brief mention of rape, decapitation, bugs/spiders laying eggs under your skin, very gross veterinary medicine story, trypophobia, pimple popping, stalking, brief mention of threatened suicide, depression/mental health crisis.Links:Fed to PigsOregon farmer eaten by his pigsCan Pigs Make A Body Disappear? Almost.Pig farmer 'eaten by his own pigs' leaving only bones for neighbours to findFarmer EATEN ALIVE by his own pigs in shocking attackSusan MonicaItalian mafia boss ‘fed alive to pigs’ The HookTexarkana Moonlight MurdersLovers' laneTexarkana Murder MysteryThe HookBloody Mary (folklore) Strange-face-in-the-mirror illusionTroxler's fadingLocking Eyes with a MonsterIn a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary StoriesA Wife Should Have No Secrets: Unthinking Privilege and Privacy in Carmen Maria Machado’s “The Husband Stitch”The Husband Stitch11 Bugs That Will Lay Their Eggs Inside YouReal-Life ‘Alien’: Meet The Parasitic Botfly That Bursts Through Human SkinMyth: Spiders can lay their eggs under human skin in wounds created by their bites.Stalker broke into teenage girl's home and spent the night hiding under her BED after sending a text saying 'I'm watching you'TEEN'S HORROR I found stalker under my bed
Nov 3 2021
1 hr 2 mins
Butts to Nuts: Waverly Hills SanatoriumHappy Birthday, It's an Asylum Fire: Seacliff Insane AsylumHere for the Party: Yoshihiro HattoriSee You Next Week!You're Not Supposed to Just Manifest This Sh*t: VerrücktRed Cross First Date: Hyatt Regency Skywalk Collapse
This week, Melanie puts out feelers for cross-stitching listeners, puppy justice takes over Florida, we petition to bring back the name Constance, Melanie gets catfished by a fake Steve Miller Band, and a tea dance goes horrifically wrong.Content warnings: structural collapse, graphic discussion of death and severe physical trauma, graphic discussion of traumatic rescue and recovery episodes, PTSD, repeated references to dismemberment, explicit death of a child 00:34:40-00:37:31.45 KILLED AT HOTEL IN KANSAS CITY, MO., AS WALKWAYS FALL46 killed in Hyatt collapse as tea dance turns to terrorBEFORE HOTEL DISASTER, WALKWAY SWAYED TO THE RHYTHM OF DANCERSENGINEERS ARE HELD AT FAULT IN '81 HOTEL DISASTERHyatt hotel hid collapse of a roof, paper saysHyatt Regency Skywalk CollapseHyatt Regency walkway collapseIn an unexpected move denounced by Mayor Richard Berkley,...KMBC 9 Chronicle: The Skywalk Tapes – The night the skywalks fell, forever changing Kansas CityOne Of The Deadliest U.S. Accidental Structural Collapses Happened 40 Years Ago TodaySkywalk Memorial Foundation, Inc.'Tea Dance' Hotel Disaster Toll Reaches 111The Hyatt Regency Hotel disaster: A year later survivors still danceThe Kansas City Hyatt Disaster: 30 Years Later, a Reminder to Never ForgetTHIRD HYATT WALK REMOVED DESPITE PROTEST FROM MAYORThree Decades On, A Memorial For The Victims Of The Hyatt DisasterTragedy in KC: The Hyatt Collapse of 1981When this hotel skywalk collapsed, it was one of the deadliest structural failures in US history
Sep 22 2021
1 hr 11 mins
Nonsense Things Slowly Become Rational: Laura Van Ryn & Whitney CerakManic Pixie Businesswoman: Hurricane IdaHurricane HoldupDucks Unlimited: Carwash Incidents
This week, Melanie is marked safe, a man is a member of a very important organization, Dave dies, we cover the most horrifying thing we've ever covered, Jeep Liberties become problematic, and Melanie is wooed by scratch-off tickets.Content warnings: one use of the c-word, hurricane damage/evacuation/deaths, carbon monoxide poisoning, death by accidental hanging, extreme gore 50:27-58:50, traumatic loss of spouse in old age, domestic violence ending in murder-suicide 1:02:56-1:08:20, gun violence, death from being hit by a car.Links:4 killed in shooting at car wash in Melcroft, PennsylvaniaCar crushes elderly couple in fatal accident caught on videoCar wash deaths took little time, says expertCar Wash History: From Simple Beginnings to Modern Day Features Community raises funds for family of car wash DWI victimCurious and Unusual Deaths: Death by Routine MaintenanceElgie Gordon BedfordFatal accident raises questionsFemale customer crushed to death by drunken car wash worker as daughter watched, DA saysIn Memory of Joan & Frank TornabeneJealousy drove Pennsylvania car wash shooting suspectMan, 18, dies in accident at car washMELCROFT SHOOTING: What we know about 4 people killed at car washOfficials confirm suspect in Fayette County shooting that killed 4 was pronounced dead Sunday eveningRetired NYPD lieutenant, 90, succumbs to injuries after car wash crash that killed his wifeSuspected gunman in quadruple homicide at rural Pennsylvania car wash diesTracie A McManusTraumatized Woman Finds Face in Car WashTwo Oelwein men die in Fayette car wash Update: Second Victim in Marine Park Crash Succumbs to Injuries on 65th Wedding Anniversary
Sep 1 2021
1 hr 23 mins
Stop Your Laughing: Minamata DiseaseStill Dear, Suddenly Not Quite So Departed: The Hardin Cemetery DisasterThe Fullest and Most Intentional Disrespect: Lava Lamp Incidents
Aug 11 2021
1 hr 10 mins
Angry Angry Lemon Angry: Kim Saenz