Paradox and Life in the Spirit

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Apr 23 2021 • 37 mins

Professor Lois Malcolm joins Justin Rossow for Episode 4, Season 5 of the Next Step Podcast to talk about paradox and life in the Spirit. The Meditation Quotation on page 76 of the Come, Holy Spirit daily discipleship travel log for Easter to Pentecostcomes from Dr. Malcolm's book, Holy Spirit: Creative Power in Our Lives. (Use this link to help support the mission of Next Step Press.)

After a brief introduction, you will hear Justin and Lois discuss both of the paradoxes in that quote and explore ways in which the presence of the Spirit frees us and empowers us to make a unique contribution for the common good while learning to appreciate the unique story of others more and more.

That one quote from Dr. Malcolm's book leads to several other quotes that deepen and broaden the conversation. Before the episode ends, you will hear Lois read the Philippians verse for Day 21 and Justin read the Spilled Wine devotion and pray the prayer for that day.

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