Paytora Case Files

Manager Aizen

Welcome to the Paytora Case Files, a series that is based on dystopian Earth where humans and vampires are engaged in frequent skirmishes and a major vampire war against mankind has taken place. . The aftermath left the world divided into 3 sections, namely - The Argent Federacy: A federation where Vampires rule and the humans serve as "blood banks" for their Blood-borne masters. Although, it is a nation run by monsters namely the likes of Vampires they do take care of their human population there. Since they're the only primacy source of food for the Vampires. Humans peacefully donate blood to sustain their vampire overlords and it usually peaceful from the occasional brawls here and there. . On the second we have - The Mercenary Alliance of Paytora : It is a nation-state that constantly fights the emergence of evil vampires and mad-vampires that hunt/kill humans. Vampires are captured, tortured and experimented by the Paytora Alliance with the help of a shadow organization that's only known as " The Foundation ". . Finally, we have the mediators of this conflict - Holy Crusade Guards: They seem to be a neutral faction that seems to be dedicated to mediating the relations between vampires and humans at the same time emphasizing the importance of co-existence among all things created by the Gods. Although, they may preach the message above but, they secretly command an elite group of artificially created humans as assassins called the "Night Hunters" to eliminate anyone who stands in their way of controlling & puppeteering from behind the scenes. read less