Grounding Your Energy Part 1-Anxiety Awareness Month

The Art of Healing

Apr 3 2023 • 24 mins

April is Anxiety Awareness month.  Anxiety is an emotion we all feel in good times or bad.  When anxiety becomes constant, it can overwhelm your mind and body and lead to generalized anxiety

You can lower you anxiety with grounding techniques.  In my ebook 9 Ways to Ground Your Energy, you can use 9 simple techniques to lower anxiety righ away.

Download your copy of 9 Ways to Ground Your Energy.

In this episode, we will practice a few of the techniques that are in the book.

These practices are also a part of my 21 Day Meditation Challenge. This course is a way to start a daily meditation practice to help heal anxiety, or return to your meditation practice with gentle guidance.

My Integrative and Functional Medicine Programs are designed to take you from feeling unwell, stuck, inflamed, and sick, to a place of wellness. I will be offering my experience as a physician and Reiki Master to work with you on healing illness at the root cause.

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