Voices of the African Diaspora Stories Across Continents

TonyTidbit: A Black Executive Perspective

May 21 2024 • 1 hr 16 mins

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In this powerful episode of the Black Executive Perspective podcast hosts Tony Tidbit

and Chris P. Reed engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Niyi

Coker, a renowned professor at San Diego State University. The discussion spans

the rich history of the African diaspora, shedding light on unknown stories

like Ota Benga’s harrowing experience at the Bronx Zoo and Miriam Makeba's

influential role in the anti-apartheid movement. Emphasizing the importance of

an Afrocentric perspective in education and storytelling, the episode

underscores the significant contributions of Africans globally. Additionally,

the hosts introduce the L.E.S.S. acronym - Listen, Empathy, Share, and Stop

Discrimination - highlighting its importance in fostering an inclusive and

equitable society. They also encourage listener engagement, promote diversity,

equity, and inclusion (DEI), with Dr. Nsenga Burton, and provide details on

their next intriguing episode, 'Beyond the Pages: The Evolution of Code and

Magazine.' Follow the show on social media for updates and don't forget to

leave a review or questions for future guests.

▶︎ In This Episode

00:00 The Shocking Tale of Ota Benga

00:00 Introduction to a Dark History

00:47 Introducing 'A Black Executive Perspective' Podcast

01:14 Exploring Africa's Rich Diaspora with Dr. Niyi Coker

01:35 Introducing Dr. Niyi Coker

01:55 Dr. Coker's Background and Achievements

03:38 Dr. Coker's Journey and Insights

04:35 Unveiling the Untold African Diaspora in Mexico

04:48 African Influence in Mexico

09:13 Ota Benga: A Tragic Story

09:43 The Bronx Zoo Incident

17:28 Impact of Darwin's Theory

19:59 Scientific Racism and Its Legacy

20:38 Unpacking the Ota Benga Documentary

22:55 The Role of Religion in Oppression

24:44 The Struggle for Recognition in Education and History

28:07 The Misuse of Science in Justifying Racism

29:56 The Role of Language and Religion in Colonialism

36:54 Revisiting the Concept of Civilizing 'Savages'

38:46 Unveiling Historical Atrocities: The Church's Role in Slavery

39:42 Colonial Exploits in Africa: A Legacy of Division and Control.

40:50 The Role of Cannons in Colonial Territories

41:27 Rationalizing the Indefensible

42:07 Colonization and Its Impact on African Communities

43:01 Africanized Catholicism in the Diaspora

44:53 The Power of Water in African Religions

46:00 The Influence of African Spirituals on Modern Music

47:15 Miriam Makeba: A Voice for Freedom and Unity

48:28 Miriam Makeba: The Voice Against Apartheid

51:17 The Struggle and Legacy of Miriam Makeba

53:42 The Impact of African Heritage on Global Culture

58:09 Empowering Future Generations: The Importance of an Africa-Centered Perspective

58:22 The Importance of an Africa-Centered Perspective

01:03:02 The Africa World Documentary Film Festival: Celebrating African Stories

01:04:29 The Impact of Language and Documentary Films

01:06:30 Closing Thoughts and Call to Action

01:08:34 Challenging the Status Quo: The Need for Inclusivity in Education

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