01. Dis-Ease & HIV, Your Point of View Creates Reality | A Different Reality Podcast with Merlijn Wolsink & Special Guest Gary Douglas

A Different Reality Podcast

May 23 2022 • 29 mins

What does your point of view create?  In this very first episode I have the honor to talk to Gary Douglas, founder and creator of Access Consciousness® about everything ‘dis-ease’, sexual disease, contagious diseases, HIV, choice, energy and awareness. What are we aware of with energies that we are not acknowledging? What points of view do people have, which create ‘dis-ease’? What’s going on when your body does not get turned on during sex? What is going on when you know you shouldn’t do something, and you do it anyway? What does it take to reestablish trusting you and your body…? If you were willing to be aware of all things, what would be possible…? What reality would you like to have? https://www.merlijnwolsink.com/ (www.merlijnwolsink.com) https://www.merlijnwolsink.com/differentreality-podcast/ (Find all the Shownotes from this episode here)