A Different Reality Podcast with Merlijn Wolsink

A Different Reality Podcast

May 23 2022 • 51 seconds

Welcome to the Different Reality PODCAST A different reality with… bodies, sex, dis-ease or anything else considered perverted, intense, outrageous, ‘too much’ and dangerous… YOU What do you know that is possible beyond the sum total of this reality? What is the difference that you bring to this world? What is the difference you are that never fits and changes everything? What can you choose as that difference you be? If you and the world we live in would not be right or wrong, what is actually possible? https://www.merlijnwolsink.com (www.merlijnwolsink.com) https://www.merlijnwolsink.com/differentreality-podcast/ (Find all the Shownotes here)