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Oct 5 2021 • 24 mins

Simone was born with shortened arms and legs as a consequence of the drug Thalidomide.  She lives in Reading, Berkshire.

After attending mainstream school, she worked for many years as a Secretary at Berkshire County Council and for Blue Circle Cement and later as an administrator for the Thalidomide Society.

Following the birth of her daughter in 1996 and spurred on by the lack of support for parents with disabilities, Simone helped to set up a national charity providing support to disabled people who were or who aspired to become parents.  She served as a Trustee for the charity for ten years.

Now retired, Simone exercises on a daily basis to help minimise pain, maintain fitness and improve emotional wellbeing.  She chronicles her ongoing journey of weight loss and shares her ideas for improving her mobility and fitness in her Blog www.flidfit.com.

She serves in a number of voluntary roles including Chair of her local neighbourhood association, trustee and community journalist for Reading Voluntary Action and chair of the Reading Physical Disability and Sensory Needs Partnership Board (PDSN).

Past voluntary roles include serving on the Thalidomide Trust’s National Advisory Council where she co-chaired the Health and Wellbeing Committee and member of the Disability Living Allowance Advisory Board.

Simone enjoys blogging, creating healthy meals, exercise, gardening and travel.

Links to Simone's Gadgets

Anti-gravity treadmill https://www.alterg.com/

You can see a clip of Simone running on the Alter-G treadmill here: https://flidfit.com/2018/01/15/the-alter-g-treadmill/

Leg warmers as gloves https://amzn.to/3uBRZoZ

Bespoke office chair. https://www.online-ergonomics.co.uk/product-category/chairs/adapt-chairs/


Simone's Blog: www.flidfit.com

You can see a clip of me running on the Alter-G treadmill here: