Mary Duffy Innovator par excellence.

Gear, Gadgets and Gizmos

Jul 28 2020 • 16 mins

Resolute, determined, funny, innovative and creative Mary Duffy is all of these things.

As a Thalidomide survivor, she has invented all sorts of ingenious ways of managing her daily life and her artistic career without arms.

Mary lives by the sea in Wicklow in Ireland and is an accomplished and honoured artist.

Aside from her painting, she's tried pottery and photography. She loves gardening and is particularly adept at weeding onions using a spoon gripped between her toes.

Listen to Mary talking about portable grab rails, book page-turners, and gardening footwear.

Suction Grab Rails https://bit.ly/2OXwfQe
Shoe Trowel https://bit.ly/2WSyVmw
Reading Frame https://bit.ly/3hyXYTz