Snapshots of Loneliness

Is Anybody Out There?

Feb 10 2021 • 24 mins

In this, the first of 10 episodes, we hear from regular people, ages 20 to 91, about their experiences with loneliness and social isolation. These stories underscore the undeniable fact that loneliness visits just about everyone -- married and single, social butterflies and introverts, seniors and teenagers. And it's been this way, long before Covid-19 and it will continue long after we've all been vaccinated. We are also introduced to our hosts, Jeremy Warshaw and Judy D'Mello, a couple of transplanted Brits living in New York who, after becoming aware of their own feelings of disconnection and loneliness, decided to embark on this journey deep into the heart of loneliness. They knew that to get to the bottom of this often crushing disease, they would need to talk with experts, scientists, and academics in this field. But before that, they wanted to simply listen to regular people describe their experiences with loneliness -- what better way to really understand how debilitating loneliness can often be? Links Editors: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/christian-sawyer/261105607 (Christian Sawyer) Music: https://seaplanearmada.com (Seaplane Armada) https://covia.org/services/social-call/ (Covia) https://today.yougov.com/topics/lifestyle/articles-reports/2019/07/30/loneliness-friendship-new-friends-poll-survey (YouGov Survey on Loneliness): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAUcoadqRlE (Emery Bergmann Video) https://www.micaelablei.com (Micaela Blei) https://www.theoppositeofloneliness.com (The Opposite of Loneliness) https://www.theconnectery.com (Let's Stay Connected)! If you have stories of loneliness and social isolation, please share them with us on the link above. Drop us a line or pass this along to a friend.