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When the tranquility of the small town of Monroville is suddenly shattered one morning by a mysterious earthquake, Sheriff Buckley and Deputy Fish head out to investigate. What they discover lurking among the ruins will soon threaten not only the lives of all in Monroville, but also the lives of those in the cities beyond. Trapped in the local library by forces they don’t understand, will Sheriff Buckley & a small group of civilians be able to decipher the mystery of what’s happening and escape the clutches of the dead or will the library become their tomb?Find out when you listen to this captivating audio drama written by Jermey Ashley Pair & produced by Invictum Digital.Are you a fan of audio dramas? I sure am! I’m a freelance sound designer in Buffalo, NY. I’ve done work for media companies, various audio dramas and podcasts, community theatre productions, churches, public events, and more! I love working with audio and spend most of my free time working on and collaborating on various audio-related projects. Over the years, I’ve designed and directed several community events and produced and directed several exciting & award-winning audio dramas. I’ve created Invictum Digital as my personal brand as I’m currently looking to expand my audio design work, including making some exciting original content! Follow along here and on social media for all the latest updates and my newest audio dramas!

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Season 2

TIC Episode One - The Adventure Begins
Nov 12 2023
TIC Episode One - The Adventure Begins
Welcome, Adventurers!Imagine diving headfirst into a world where adventure knows no bounds, where history and fiction dance in the glow of archaeology's spotlight. Romance flirts with danger, and every corner turned promises action-packed thrills! If you've been craving an escapade that sweeps you off your feet, we've got sensational news to share - say hello to "The Invicta Collective."A Quest Beyond Your Wildest DreamsBuckle up, dear listeners, because we're embarking on a roaring 1930s adventure that will leave you breathless! Meet our fearless crew: Arthur, Mohammed, Lola, Bashir, and a dazzling array of colorful characters who'll take you on a quest to unravel an ancient Mesopotamian enigma. As they set their sights on a shocking truth hidden in the annals of history, a menacing adversary is hot on their heels, determined to halt their mission at any cost. Picture "Indiana Jones" mingling with the audacious "Strange Brigade," and you'll find yourself in the heart of the high-octane pulp action that fuels our story.Immerse Yourself in the Magic of SoundFor each of the eight episodes of our first season, don your trusty headphones for 25 spellbinding minutes, and let our audio drama sweep you off your feet. We promise an adventure that will not only blow your mind but also transport you to realms you've only ever dreamed of.An Odyssey Begging for Your SupportOur call is simple - we can't make this extraordinary journey without your help! Right now, we’re releasing the pilot episode (Episode One of our magnificent saga), and soon we'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring the entire first season to life. You may ask why we are releasing the complete pilot episode absolutely FREE. The answer is that we want you, and all our future listeners, to get a taste of what's in store and be confident that your support will be put to exceptional use.Stay in the Loop with UsIf you're eager to be part of this incredible journey, follow us on social media @invictumdigital. It's where you'll catch all the breaking news about this project and get a sneak peek at the other thrilling ideas simmering in our creative cauldron. Plus, it's the best way for us to stay in touch without clogging up your inbox with a barrage of emails. Visit for links to all our social media and more.Spread the Word and Share the MagicYour willingness to share this upcoming project with your friends, followers, and fellow adventurers is invaluable! We'd be deeply honored if you'd join us in our quest and help us spread the word. Remember, the more people who know about "The Invicta Collective," the brighter our chances of creating an extraordinary auditory experience for all of you.So what are you waiting for? Come join the adventure!

Season 1