Episode 326: Whose Canon is it Anyway? - Marques Hollie

Judaism Unbound

May 13 2022 • 55 mins

Marques Hollie is a Philadelphia-based theatre artist, ritual leader, operatically-trained vocalist, and -- most importantly for this episode -- an ordained Maggid! What's a Maggid, you ask? That's a great question. It's so great that we devoted much of this episode to exploring it! Listen in to learn what a Maggid has been in the past, what it is today, and what it could become in the future.

Marques Hollie is one of our teachers in The UnYeshiva, Judaism Unbound's digital center for Jewish learning and unlearning. You can sign up for his course, Whose Canon is it Anyway? (just like this episode!), by heading to www.judaismunbound.com/whosecanon.

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