Ep. 242 - The 1970's Reds & Pirates rivalry you may have forgotten

Almost Cooperstown

Mar 10 2022 • 27 mins

Small market teams often have difficulty being a consistent winner.  Sure teams like the Royals and Rays have shown it can be done.  But in the 1970's the NL East Pirates and NL West Reds were in the hunt nearly every year of the decade.  Featuring HOF players in both lineups throughout, we talk about some of the epic playoff battles (the Reds did win 3 of 4) for NL supremacy in the 1970s.  To be fair, the Dodgers did win 3 NL pennants as well but also lost 3 WS.  We discuss what's different today as well as how it went between the two rivals in the 1970s.

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