Ep. 312 - Team Deep Dive #2 - San Diego Padres

Almost Cooperstown

Jun 16 2022 • 22 mins

Our second deep dive we turn to the Senior Circuit and one its more recent entrants the San Diego Padres.  There was a AAA team called the Padres in the 1940s.  The current Padres came as a result of the 1969 expansion and at the advent of two divisions for each league. The Padres got off to a poor start and well, it's been a rough 52 years only appearing in two WS never winning one.

There have been some amazing HOF players who played for the Padres and we talk about many of them but did not mention Ozzie Smith who was traded to St. Louis after the 1981 season for Garry Templeton.  Perhaps the Padres never winning a World Series is the curse of Ozzie?

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