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We're a father & son who love to talk and argue about Baseball! Since baseball began in the U.S and is the professional sport that has the longest history, there is a lot to talk about! We launched Almost Cooperstown by noting that baseball contains a long history of players that, for whatever reasons, have been shunned by the electors of the Hall of Fame. Thus there are many 'Almost' players still waiting their turn for induction. With less than 2% of the now more than 20,000 players in the HOF, we feel there should be more players included. In these podcasts we discuss the HOF as well as all topics related to the game we love to watch and talk about. Please send any messages to

Ep. 316 - Grassroots Baseball - MLB photographer Jean Fruth & HOF past-President Jeff Idelson
Jul 14 2022
Ep. 316 - Grassroots Baseball - MLB photographer Jean Fruth & HOF past-President Jeff Idelson
We're fans of baseball and that includes all levels.  Driving past a Little League field seeing kids out there playing baseball makes us smile every time.  For nearly all major league players playing baseball starts in backyards, on streets, and wherever there's a ball, a glove, and even sometimes a bat. Jean Fruth has been photographing baseball for many years.  As team photographer for the SF Giants and Oakland A's, she's demonstrates a keen eye and a deep sensitivity for America's Pastime.   She worked with Jeff Idelson at the Baseball Hall of Fame while he was the recent past-President.  For the past 3 years Jean and Jeff have partnered  and created  Its mission  is to promote and celebrate the amateur game around the glove.  Their first book 'Grassroots Baseball - where legends begin' is focused on the game around the world.  The more recent book 'Grassroots Baseball - Route 66 features essays and commentary from former & current MLB players like Johnny Bench, Jim Thome, and Alex Bregman to name a few.   We had a terrific conversation with Jean and Jeff talking about taking baseball photos, nurturing and growing the game  that we all love so much. Please subscribe to our podcast and thanks for listening! If you have a suggestion for an episode please drop us a line via email at  You can also follow us on Twitter @almostcoop or visit the Almost Cooperstown Facebook page.  If you can please give the podcast 4 or 5 star rating!