Episode 1: What is Climate Finance?

Untangling Climate Finance

Aug 13 2023 • 35 mins

On the pilot episode of Untangling Climate Finance, Jay chats with Sean Penrith (CEO, Gordian Knot Strategies). Sean introduces the term "climate finance" to the audience. He also recounts his journey from an entrepreneur working outside the realm of climate change to his current position, running a private firm that mobilizes and activates climate finance for clients all over the world.  If you have questions, comments, or are interested in joining Jay for an episode, please feel free to shoot him a message at: jtipton@gordianknotstrategies.com Resources Mentioned in the Episode:Quantum Commodity IntelligenceGoogle AlertsCarbon PulsecCarbonCredits: Untangling Climate Finance is a production of Gordian Knot Strategies. It was written, produced, and edited by Jay Tipton. Special thanks to Jacoba Gundle, Maggie Tipton, and Julie Witherspoon.  Email us at: jtipton@gordianknotstrategies.com