Quakers and Decision Makers

Quakers Today

Jul 11 2023 • 18 mins

In this episode of Quakers Today we ask, What Do You Desire?

You will find a complete transcript of this episode at QuakersToday.org.

After the episode concludes we share voicemails from listeners who answered the question, What do you desire?

Question for next month

For the August episode of Quakers Today we ask the question, What was a time in your life when you rebelled and why?

Rebelling against society norms and breaking the rules may have gotten you in trouble. In the end you may have decided that it was totally worth it. Or you may have regretted the rebellion even if the cause seemed right.

What was a time in your life when you rebelled and why?

Leave a voice memo with your name and the town where you live. The number to call is 317-QUAKERS, that's 317-782-5377. +1 if calling from outside the U.S.

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Music from this episode comes from Epidemic Sound. You heard Strapt and Alone in Swan Lake by Pandaraps, My Lifeline by Hector Gabriel, Stillness Within by Roots and Recognition, Morning Hike by Linsey Abraham, Morning Mist by Staffan Carlen,and  El Que La Hace La Paga by Wendy Mancini.