BONUS EPISODE: Vicki Winslow Reads Her Short Story ”Sabbatical”

Quakers Today

Nov 14 2023 • 16 mins

Writer Vicki Winslow appears in this month's episode of Quakers Today. As part of that episode, this is bonus audio of Vicki reading her story. Music and sound design by Peterson Toscano.

After experiencing the loss of her father, Silena Yancey travels from North Carolina to the American Southwest to find inspiration, which she hopes leads to equilibrium. Vicki shares, "My story 'Sabbatical' is largely a collage... In many ways, we're all on a sort of pilgrimage." This narrative invites listeners into the internal pilgrimage of its protagonist, providing a window into the process of self-discovery and reflection.

Vicki Winslow is a writer who currently serves as clerk of the Friends Meeting in Liberty, North Carolina. Her publications include Follow the Leader for middle readers, a novella called The Conversion of Jefferson Scotten, and short stories in both literary and online journals including the story The Last Bear in Deep South Magazine.

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