Unraveling Stakeholder Advocacy

Lucas Root & Mitchell Levy

Unraveling Stakeholder Advocacy podcast hosts, Lucas Root and Mitchell Levy have been podcasting for several years and both combined have been on well over 1,000 interviews as podcast guests. Lucas Root cut his teeth in Mergers & Acquisitions on Wall Street. Some of his career highlights include: over $50 billion in program budgets managed, responsible for a total of 9000 new jobs and 7000 RIFs, Lead PMO for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney JV completed 9 months ahead of time, and $2 billion under budget. Lucas is now focused on something far larger than his Wall Street career: re-learning what Community means, and deploying the knowledge, ideas, and approaches encompassed in his learnings of Community to his clients. Lucas is a lifelong learner, and excited for each new chapter in his life, particularly this one! Mitchell Levy is a global credibility expert, has created 20+ businesses in Silicon Valley, sat on a board of a NASDAQ company for nine years, has two powerful TEDs Talks, has written over 60 books, and published over 750 books as a publisher. Episodes will be 30-40 minutes long! read less