E6. Running Conversations | The Run Mummy Run Podcast | With Kate Wozniak and Ruth Tocher from Stasher Bags

Running Conversations | The Run Mummy Run Podcast

Oct 13 2021 • 1 hr 15 mins

We've come to the last episode in our first podcast series! We can't believe it; it's been such fun. We want to say thank you to everyone for being part of it with us – our guests, our kind sponsors and you, our listeners. We will return in the new year for more episodes of Running Conversations: The Run Mummy Run Podcast.

In our final episode of the series, we talk to Kate Wozniak and find out more about the journey she's been on with her health and running. Kate openly discusses her mental health, and talks about how developing chronic fatigue posed (and still poses) many challenges in her personal life and in her running. Kate is passionate about the importance of being kind to yourself. She talks about recognising that your health is a priority, allowing yourself time to rest and heal, and learning to listen to your body. Lessons we should all live by.

We learnt so much during this podcast and were really inspired by the bravery and strength Kate showed throughout this whole interview. We hope it helps others in similar situations.

We're also incredibly grateful to Stasher storage bags and BurtonMccallltd who kindly sponsored the making of this episode. We chat to Ruth Tocher to find out more about Stasher's handy multi-purpose storage bags. The endlessly reusable, resealable silicone storage bag that replaces single-use plastic.  Fantastic for the outdoors and keeping food or valuables safe and dry.

As always thank you for listening to the podcast and supporting Run Mummy Run. We'll see you for the next series soon!  x


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