Introduction to Spooner 1

The Quash

Sep 5 2021 • 35 mins

If you like The Quash and want to see it continue and want to hear even MORE episodes then go to my patreon.com/theQuash and become a member. Tons of extra shows and a chance to call in to talk to me every other week on my live call in show. The Quash comes out Sundays and sometimes there's a bonus show on Thursdays. AH episodes have more harsh language. In this episode I begin a series where I will be breaking down Spooner's work. Showing people REAL arguments against the silly fantasies people are taught. This is going to be epic. I hope people enjoy it. You can follow me on Twitter I'm Legalman@USlawreview You can read my articles at my blog thetruthaboutthelaw.com