Exercise your rights and YOU go to jail.

The Quash

Aug 22 2021 • 23 mins

If you enjoy The Quash I hope you consider supporting it at my patreon.com/theQuash site. I put a lot of extra stuff in there every month. And I do a LIVE call in show twice a month for about an hour and a half where I take calls from my patreon members. It's a great way to connect and talk to me as well. The Quash comes out on Sundays with a bonus show some Thursdays. AH episodes have more harsh content. In this episode I demonstrate how you have no real rights because you must everything to TRY and exercise them and the state risks NOTHING by abusing them. Once you see that you can be charged and convicted of resisting arrest EVEN IF the underlying reason for the original stop was UNconstitutional, then you will see that you have no REAL rights. You can follow me on the Twitter I'm Legalman@USlawreview You can read my articles on my blog at thetruthaboutthelaw.com