Your 2nd Amend rights are a joke at this point

The Quash

Oct 14 2021 • 25 mins

Imagine how the world would change if everyone heard The Quash. You can help make that possible by supporting the show. Go to my patreon.com/theQuash and become a member. You get more than twice as many shows each month. And you have access to all of my old shows. In this Bonus episode I show people how badly misled they are by Con/Conservatives on the 2nd amendment. All of the most important aspects of that right are already gone. GIVEN AWAY by our so called side. Just all controlled opposition. The Quash comes out on Sundays with a bonus sometimes on Thursdays. AH episodes have more harsh language. You can follow me on Twitter at legalman@USlawreview You can read my articles on my blog at thetruthaboutthelaw.com