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Ep. 6 | From YouTube Channel to Multi-Creator Content Network with All Ages of Geek
May 25 2021
Ep. 6 | From YouTube Channel to Multi-Creator Content Network with All Ages of Geek
How does a Let's Play YouTube channel grow into a business with a full team of content creators across multiple formats (podcasts, articles, videos, and more)?Sean Velasquez from All Ages of Geek is here to lay down the knowledge about how they did just that. The secret isn't just more followers or any YouTube secret sauce. In this interview, learn how passion, community, and a solid foundation of business knowledge will help you start bringing on your first team members and see explosive growth. We'll talk about it all in this episode, or check out an abbreviated transcript over at If you liked this and want to support future episodes, consider checking out our Patreon for extra awesome Patron benefits! to a Question:1:28 - Tell me about yourself. Who is Sean Velasquez?4:02 - What is All Ages of Geek?5:44 - What does "interactivity" mean to you?7:19 - How does the combo of content and community work?9:07 - Say a content creator wants to get involved creating for a network like AAoG, how do they do that?11:16 - What it means to be part of the All Ages of Geek team.13:55 - How did you transition from Let's Play channel to full content network?16:08 - What is the All Ages of Geek community like?23:28 - How does the Patreon work? How are the tiers set up?25:08 - Side Quest: Talking about the philosophy of Orks. 29:22 - More on Patreon perks.31:23 - How do you balance free vs. paid content?34:42 - How do you adjust from "one-person-show" to a full team?45:30 - If someone is looking to make that transition, from one person to having a team, what is the one piece of advice you would give?Follow All Ages of Geek: Website: the show