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Felon To Freeman podcast helps formerly incarcerated individuals successfully walk the path from prison to prosperity. The show is hosted by Tone Payton and Anthony Harris. read less

Meet the First Class of Felon To Freeman
Apr 2 2021
Meet the First Class of Felon To Freeman
Meet Anthony Harris Antonio Maben Tone Payton Marquis Olison These four men tell their truths to a zoom audience of 100 family members, friends, activists, and strangers. Anthony Harris was an abused child who channeled his anger into becoming a gang member who robbed drug dealers. Wanting to turn his life around, he studied business while on the inside. Now he manages the business manager for Rootz Natural Hair Shop, a board member of the regional ACLA, a Decarceration Organizer for American Friends Services Committee and he’s running for office in New Hampshire. Antonio Maben was in the system since he was a child. Since encountering Felon To Freeman his life has transformed. He’s gotten a job that he loves that loves him, working at Rivers Casino. He’s providing for his family, including his unborn child. He’s studying graphic design and mentoring others on the path to prosperity. Tone Payton came from the projects in New York. Unlike most of the other kids he had a two parent household, however after his father picked up a heroin habit and his mother was diagnosed with diabetes he and a brother took to the streets to make the ends meet. After serving time and counting all the things he lost in life, Tone learned the culinary arts. Now he writes a column for Manchester Ink, is day trading stocks, and hosts this podcast. Marquis Olison is an organizer who worked for Common Sense Media, Airbnb, Nextdoor, and the DNC. When he saw the ICE Detention Center Footage he quit his job and decided to fight to elect Democrats. He was put into tense situations with the police and his friends when everyone thought he went insane. He went through homelessness and the criminal justice system now he’s helping formerly incarcerated individuals get their lives on track.