Family and Friends living with Autism- How it affects their lives

Defining Moments

Nov 2 2017 • 55 mins

Families are important and when something affects one member of the family, it affects them all. Our guests today share at least one DEFINING MOMENT and their experiences with Autism will change your life forever. Each lives with Autism daily. WHAT IS AUTISM? — Autism spectrum disorder, which includes a range of disorders from autism to Asperger syndrome, is a development brain disorder, not a mental illness. Like most children with this developmental brain disorder, the twins were born “perfect,” Candi says. How their lives changed when the boys turned 18 months old will be one of our topics. Sean is young man who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Growing up with Autism was very hard and tiring. He had few friends and many peers would get pleasure and enjoyment in teasing, making fun and even hurting him physically! He now STANDS UP for himself and is sharing his story so the world can understand how incredibly talented and strong he is.