Green Prescribing and Nature benefits for Mental Health – with Dan Loveard

The Aspiring Psychologist Podcast

Apr 3 2023 • 39 mins

Show Notes for The Aspiring Psychologist Podcast Episode: 69: Green Prescribing and Nature benefits for Mental Health – with Dan Loveard

Thank you for listening to the Aspiring Psychologist Podcast.

The pandemic created new and different opportunities for us to fill our time and created challenges about being inside with people. As a result, many of us turned to nature and found surprising benefits. How can we encourage ourselves and our clients to engage with nature and what green prescribing and how can it help?

I am joined today by my guest, Dan Loveard of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. I’d love your thoughts about how you get out and about in nature.

I hope you find it useful. I’d of course love any feedback you might have!

The Highlights:

  • (00:28): Welcome & intro
  • (02:27): Come and review me on Spotify!
  • (03:31): Hi to our guest, Dan Loveard and how we met
  • (04:04): The 5 ways to wellbeing
  • (05:11): Activities to get immersed in nature
  • (07:02): Mindfulness in nature
  • (07:26): Barriers to accessing nature
  • (09:24): Seeing nature can lift your soul
  • (10:45): Do you have flamingos?
  • (12:46): Having our hands in the dirt
  • (13:36): Helping the younger generations experience nature
  • (15:21): Voluntary role and research in nature
  • (17:12): green prescribing to ease distress and aid wellbeing
  • (19:27): Measuring the impacts of the work done with nature
  • (22:28):How lockdown affected us being in nature
  • (24:42): Nature on BBC prime time TV!
  • 28:38): How Dan got into nature
  • (30:58): 3 top tips to get yourself and your clients into nature
  • (34:47): 38% of countries in the world have listened to this podcast – nature outside the west midlands
  • (37:28): Thanks to Dan and contact details
  • (37:42): Summary and close


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