S2E3 Interview for Success: A Hiring Manager Perspective with David Owens

Inside Tech Comm with Zohra Mutabanna

Sep 23 2021 • 51 mins

Staying with the theme of Job Search and Career Advancement, David Owens dives deep to give us a hiring manager's perspective on what he looks for in a tech comm candidate for his team. If you think tech comm is all about writing manuals in a silo, then this interview may just open your eyes. The field is fast evolving if you have not noticed, and managers are interviewing to fill non-traditional tech comm roles. Are you game? If not, this conversation promises to give you some great tips on how you can and must pivot if you want to interview for success in a content role.

Some questions we touch upon:

  • What are you looking for on your first scan of a resume as a hiring manager?
  • What are hiring managers expecting to see in a candidate to fill a non-traditional tech comm role?
  • Has the interview process changed given the pandemic and remote opportunities?

Guest Bio

David Owens is Director of Strategic Content Development at Blackbaud. This multidisciplinary team creates a wide variety of content to support an array of products and services. David believes in building modern skillsets that both help team members achieve their career goals and ultimately benefit Blackbaud customers.

As an information developer, David has created feature and API user assistance content in numerous formats for products ranging from an enterprise fundraising CRM application to shrink-wrapped, mass-market software and commercial hardware. David has written articles on topics such as single-sourcing and how to become a “technical” technical writer and is the co-author of “Madcap Flare for Programmers” published by XML Press.