S1E12 Finding Content Gigs at Nonprofits with Tina Davis

Inside Tech Comm with Zohra Mutabanna

Jul 22 2021 • 41 mins

Tina Davis, CSM has done a little bit of everything - from teaching dance, working as a television editor to being an entrepreneur. Like many of us, she chanced upon the field of technical writing. Tina sought out the best education opportunity to put her on a road to success - and success she did find in her second career of choice. In this episode, she
shares her journey into the world of nonprofits. If you are interested in working for a nonprofit, tune into this episode as Tina shares some great tips on how writers can find interesting gigs in this sector.

Guest Bio

Tina’s career path and interests have been long and varied, including positions as a television news producer, marketing associate, and owner of her own event organization business. She is currently a Product Specialist with the non-profit organization Both Ends Believing, and is a proud graduate of the University of North Texas (B.A. in Professional and Technical Communication and B.A. in English) and the University of Florida (B.S. in Telecommunication). She lives with her husband in Richardson, TX, and can be found working on her personal creative projects and puttering in her garden.