Tobias Zimmergren, Jussi Roine

Tune in to Tobias Zimmergren and Jussi Roine talking about Azure, in a podcast usually digestible over a cup of coffee.
118 - Backing up PostgreSQL databases in Azure117 - Make sure you have a break-glass admin account116 - Azure Updates115 - We took the Azure Load Testing service for a spin114 - Options for running containers in Azure113 - Trust no-one! A look at Zero Trust in 2022112 - Azure Updates111 - How do you choose the correct Azure compute service?110 - Azure in Sweden109 - Azure Policy as Code with Jesse Loudon108 - Controlled havoc with the Azure Chaos Studio107 - Azure Updates106 - Digesting announcements from Microsoft Ignite in November 2021105 - Expectations on Microsoft Ignite Fall 2021104 - Become an Azure Architect with the new AZ-305 certification103 - Azure Updates102 - Where do you store your application config data?101 - Dial into Azure100 - Celebrating one hundred episodes of the podcast!099 - Azure Updates