What to do if you didn't land a grad nursing program

High Performance Nursing with Liam Caswell

Aug 23 2023 • 42 mins

Welcome back to the High-Performance Nursing podcast! In today's episode, we'll be addressing a situation that many aspiring nurses may face - not getting accepted into their desired graduate nursing program.

We dive right into the topic by discussing the importance of managing your mind when you receive that disappointing email. Liam emphasizes the need to allow yourself to feel the emotions and thoughts that arise, but also highlights the fact that you have control over how you respond and react to the situation.

Additionally, troubleshooting is another key component in moving forward. Liam shares tips on identifying where in the application process you may need to focus on, whether it's your application itself or your interview performance.

With Liam's expert advice and guidance, you'll be empowered to redesign your applications and improve your interview skills. This episode promises to provide invaluable insights for those who may be feeling discouraged and uncertain about their nursing career path.

Stay tuned for practical strategies and encouragement as we explore what to do when you don't land your grad nursing program. Let's dive in!

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