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Chess improvement as an adult is harder than it should be. Plus, the journey can sometimes feel too stressful and serious. This show aims to fix that by 1) interviewing experts who can offer clarity on the best ways to improve; and 2) giving you a heap of fun with “chess entertainment” shows that discuss chess culture, events, movies, etc. Most episodes feature a guest, but sometimes I'll do a solo show on a topic. This is all brought to you by me, Daniel Lona. I’m a dedicated chess amateur and the owner of Adult Chess Academy. After listening to this podcast, I want you to have a clearer idea of how to improve, and have a more fun, dynamic chess experience. Please follow the show so you don’t miss an episode! read less
A Trio of Talents: Grandmaster, Educator, & Commentator w/ GM Daniel King
Jul 5 2023
A Trio of Talents: Grandmaster, Educator, & Commentator w/ GM Daniel King
In the best possible way, Daniel King is a “triple threat” of chess: A GM professional competitor who’s played against some of the world’s best…A commentator who delivers GM-level analysis that’s easily accessible for us club players… And an educator who’s served up a library of phenomenal books, courses, and videos that’ll sharpen our chess skills.Not enough?He’s also a skilled and passionate musician who regularly plays in bands.Daniel launched his chess life with an exciting competitive career. He earned his IM title in ‘82,  his GM title in ‘89, and scored some notable achievements like placing 4th in the British Championship in ‘87.In the early 90s, he launched a career as a chess commentator. Later, he published countless books, DVDs, and online courses.These days, Daniel runs his popular YouTube channel, Power Play Chess. There you can find top-notch, insightful commentary on the biggest chess events.In this interview, we discuss:A few thrilling stories of Daniel defeating some of the world’s best as a professional player.Daniel’s favorite moments as a commentator covering World Champion Garry Kasparov. Why you shouldn’t be afraid to play the Open Sicilian as White (and how to get excited if your opponent plays an anti-Sicilian.)More From Daniel King:Daniel’s YouTube ChannelDaniel’s Chessable CoursesDaniel’s BooksDaniel’s WebsiteDaniel’s TwitterBook: How To Win At Chess