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Escaping The Dunk Tank
Feb 25 2017
Escaping The Dunk Tank
Eitner Education debuts in its' new podcast called "The Tub"! Each episode will feature a trend in schools, a trending book in education, and something to turnkey into your educational lifestyle. This podcast is for all leaders, teachers, and everyone in between. My first podcast features Rebecca Coda and Rick Jetter, co-authors of "Escaping the School Leaders Dunk Tank", which is available on amazon, Barnes & Noble, and classy bookstores everywhere!  I hope you enjoy this; thanks for coming on the journey with me! About The Authors Dr.  Rick Jetter  is an Educational Consultant, Speaker & Trainer, and Multi-Genre Author. He was a solid "D+" student in 7th grade and he has a cool dog, named George Jetter. Dr. J. also types faster (with two index fingers) than he talks. Dr. J. is interested in all types of topics--especially the ones that no one wants to truly take on (even though they say they do while their fingers are crossed behind their backs). For more information about the book, Escaping the School Leader's Dunk Tank: How to Prevail When Others Want to See You Drown, visit http://www.leadershipdunktank.com Dr. J. has also successfully worked with other authors on their ideas and creative concepts by offering book-concept and writing strategies through his own unique coaching process. He is the founder of and lead consultant at RJ Consultants. Rebecca Coda is the founder of the Digital Native Network. www.digitalnativenetwork.net She currently serves as a STEM Coach , weekly contributing columnist for School Leader's Now, and article contributor on LinkedIn. She has over 18 years’ experience in education as a teacher, ELA curriculum and assessment writer, and technology program leader. Rebecca is a National Board Certified Teacher & Arizona K12 Center Master Teacher. She is a Christian and lives each day by faith, hope, and love.