Running Eyes Podcast

Corey Durbin

ASH has experienced substantial growth over the last two years, and so has its health sharing impact in the United States and in East Africa. Since its inception, ASH has partnered with Shared Health Alliance to provide regulatory support, vendor recommendations, additional member assistance, and marketing initiatives. Corey Durbin, CEO of Shared Health Alliance, hosts this newly launched podcast. You will experience deep, meaningful conversations with the people and programs that help support ASH members as they access their health care needs. Running Eyes is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the heart of the people and programs that surround ASH. ASH is fully committed to growing in a way that enhances the member experience and allows it to walk in a manner worthy of its calling - to change health care and change lives. We want to connect with you each of you on a deeper level. Please subscribe to the Running Eyes podcast today! read less
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