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Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books

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Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books is the award-winning, daily, author interview podcast hosted by author, bookstore owner, publishing house CEO and "NYC's Most Powerful Book-fluencer" (Vulture) Zibby Owens. Zibby's recent novel Blank is a USA Today bestseller.

Zibby has interviewed 1,700+ of today's bestselling and debut authors, plus celebrities like actors, chefs, athletes, politicians, business leaders, and more. With her trademark wit, disarming style, warm demeanor, and that certain something that gets everyone to open up to her, Zibby really learns about her guests. And so will you! Looking for a past episode? Head to Zibby Media for transcripts and links!

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Our Editor's Take

Moms Don't Have Time to Read Books is an acclaimed podcast from book lover and author Zibby Owens. As a mom of four, she wanted to share her passion for reading with people like her. She believes reading is essential for everyone and wants to inspire moms to find time to read.

In each podcast episode, Zibby interviews an author about their new book and the story behind their writing. Every interview provides a friendly conversation, welcoming authors into Zibby's community.

Zibby started the Moms Don't Have Time to Read Books podcast in 2018. Since then, the series has released hundreds of episodes. It's received recommendations from the likes of Oprah Magazine and Good Morning America. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zibby published new episodes daily, growing her community. Alongside this series, she runs Zibby's Bookshop, and Zibby's Book Club. Plus, she also runs her own media company, including an online magazine. She may be a mom, but she's also an impressive entrepreneur.

In one episode, Zibby talks to New York Times bestselling author and podcast host Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen is passionate about what makes people human and happy. One of her books analyzes four different personality types. Zibby explains how these types have made it easier to know how to communicate with her kids. She also discusses the challenge of managing the child who is most like her in personality.

Not all of Zibby's podcast guests are bestselling authors. One is musician Kevin Jonas, who has published a book with his wife, Danielle. There's a Beach in My Bedroom is a children's book about creating a fun beach day at home. They talk about working with an illustrator on their picture book and what beach days are like for them. They also discuss the publishing process and balancing work with family life.

Moms Don't Have Time to Read Books is an entertaining and informative podcast for book fans. Every author and conversation is different, so listeners can always enjoy something unique. This daily literary podcast is about inspiring everyone to read more.

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