How to protect your physical and mental health when starting and running a business

Start Your Own Business

May 4 2021 • 30 mins

Advice on achieving the right work-life balance, managing your time, feeling supported and safeguarding your health and mental wellbeing. Running a small business can be highly demanding and working alone can make you feel isolated. In this episode, Christine Husbands joins us to offer tips on how to take better care of yourself, so you and your new business benefits.         Christine is the managing director of RedArc, which works with the Federation of Small Businesses and other organisations, and provides advice and emotional support to help people to better cope with illness, disability, trauma or bereavement. The first series of this podcast is brought to you thanks to the support of the Federation of Small Businesses. Visit www.fsb.org.uk/start to find out how FSB can help your business. Visit www.startupdonut.co.uk for more information about starting a business and join our Donut Small Business Collective Facebook group for tips and support from other start-ups and small-business owners.