Start-up story - Eve Kekeh of pioneering baby clothing rental service Bundlee

Start Your Own Business

Mar 23 2021 • 33 mins

Pick up top tips and learn key start-up lessons from the biggest experts of all – those who’ve actually been there and started their own business. In this episode we speak to Eve Kekeh, London-based founder of Bundlee, the UK’s first and most popular baby clothing rental subscription service. Eve explains why she started her business and retraces her start-up journey, sharing key lessons that she learned along the way. Find out what Eve would do differently if she had to start her business again and what her key start-up tips are. The first series of this podcast is brought to you thanks to the support of the Federation of Small Businesses. Visit www.fsb.org.uk/start to find out how FSB can help your business. Visit www.startupdonut.co.uk for more information about starting a business and join our Donut Small Business Collective Facebook group for tips and support from other start-ups and small-business owners.