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Renting Right: Expert Insights for REALTORS
Apr 24 2024
Renting Right: Expert Insights for REALTORS
The single-family rental market is booming! This week, Broker and Master Property Manager Mike Mengden discussed proper landlord policies, tenant screening, and much more!    Forms in the TR Forms Library or in Zipforms.    Blank Form Downloads – Texas REALTORS® (texasrealestate.com)   Tenant Selection Criteria is not in the form library.  It’s under Legal & Ethics, Resources, Manuals and Guides, Model Tenant-Selection Criteria Form.    Manuals and Guides – Texas REALTORS® (texasrealestate.com)  Word doc.   TR Webinar from April 4, provided by Texas Workforce Commission 90 min (about 50 min plus Q&A). All About Assistance Animals – Texas REALTORS® (texasrealestate.com)       TR Webinar from 2020 60 min (42 min plus Q&A)- Service and Support Animals: What Property Managers Need to Know (youtube.com)   HAR Property Management Webinar Series – sign up here:             Property Management - HUD Guidelines for Assistance Animals: Learn to Manage Pet and Animal Risk - HAR.com     Sign up for Free Industry News Subscriptions for HAR Members here-  https://www.harconnect.com/free-industry-news-subscriptions-for-har-members/   Are you an HAR MLS Platinum Subscriber? Join our Facebook Group! Click to join. Sign Up for your free Real Estate News Subscription here. Sign up for your free Inman Select Subscription here. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube , and LinkedIn.