Life by the Mile

FreightWorks LLC

A cutting-edge podcast creatively communicating the fast paced and ever changing world of trucking and logistics. We define trends, a changing marketplace and the stories of drivers and their families.

Keeping up with the trucking industry tech trends.“I’m a new driver and loving every mile.”Truck Driver Rescues Mother-In-Law In UkraineMaking the most of great opportunities.Trucking never stops.Simplify processes to ship more.Collecting trucks, saving history."Once trucking is in your blood, it never leaves."Celebrating Women in Trucking.Making Light Work of Heavy LandsHow to be the best trucking company to work for?Next generation of oil for a sustainable future.Impact of new technology and electric trucks on freight efficiency.Inspiring the next generation in trucking.Successful partnerships start from genuine connections.Reporting from TIA - Kaylee Nix and Jordan KiddTechnology, Strategy, and the Supply Chain.How can truck drivers take care of their health while on the job? #mats2022How can a company retain its truck drivers? #mats2022Trucking Industry Market Trends and How To Keep Up. #mats2022