How can truck drivers take care of their health while on the job? #mats2022

Life by the Mile

Apr 8 2022 • 31 mins

Life on the road for truck drivers is serious business, and if their health is neglected, it could lead to serious health problems as well. The Center For Disease control found some common health problems among truck drivers - obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, and cancer. If these problems are left unchecked, it could very well lead to them losing their commercial driving license. Dr. Mark Manera, founder of The Trucking Fitness Company and podcast co-host of Merging Lanes recognized this problem and wanted to help companies provide solutions. Healthier drivers are happier and are able to keep America moving. Life By The Mile sits down with Dr. Manera to talk about major steps taken towards helping drivers achieve better health, how companies can sustain health and wellness activities, and much more in this episode full of care and compassion for America’s highway heroes. Have you experienced health problems on the road? How did you manage? Join our conversation in the comments section. Life By The Mile is presented by FreightWorks. #LifeByTheMile #FreightWorksFamily #trucks #truckdrivers #health #fitness #worldhealthday