Truck Driver Rescues Mother-In-Law In Ukraine

Life by the Mile

May 5 2022 • 28 mins

Driver Boyce Tucker is married to a woman from Ukraine. His wife wanted to bring her mother to the States this year, but that proved difficult as the situation in their home country started to unravel and tensions rose. It didn’t help that her mother’s health issues would make travel more difficult. As a veteran, Boyce has always stood for peace while he was in the service, and upon coming home all those years ago he has always made family his priority. As he and his wife stood undeterred by the difficult situation, Boyce feels thankful that more people in America share the same values, especially when it comes to protecting family, and are willing to go the extra mile to lend a hand. Listen to the Tucker family’s rescue efforts as Life By The Mile tells #truckdriverstories with FreightWorks’ own Boyce Tucker.