Making Light Work of Heavy Lands

Life by the Mile

Apr 25 2022 • 28 mins

A long time ago, there were no alternatives to how to weigh your truck and trailer. Finding truck scales can be a tedious process that can waste a very precious commodity that we can never make back - TIME. While these are all necessary steps to make sure that drivers and their trucks remain safe while on the road imagine the time spent on this process: Drive truck to the scale Get out of the truck Proceed to the truck stop Wait in line Pay for the service Go back to the scale Get the truck weighed Go back to the truck stop for the receipt This is what Heather DeBaillie of CAT Scale Company wants to address with the WEIGH MY TRUCK APP - where you can pay for your transaction and get a weight ticket- all without leaving the cab of your truck. More than convenience for the driver, the time spent by streamlining the payment process can allow for faster time to get back on the road and deliver excellence. Life By The Mile talked to Heather about the Weigh My Truck app, CAT Scale Company’s other efforts for trucking, and many things in between on this episode..