Midnight Special: Classial Film Music, rec Aug, 16th

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Aug 16 2023 • 57 mins

Charles Gerhardt conducts Max Steiner: True Love from "Ashley Returns"

Acaemy of St. Martin in the Fields: Charpentier Te Deum, H146 (known as the Euro Anthem)

Joel MacNeely & The Royal Scottish National conducts John Williams from "Jurassic Park"

Ron Goodwin from "The Spceman"

Eric Rogers & Royal Philharmonic conducts Katelby: In A Persian Market from the Film "In A Persion Market" (short reel 1929)

Martin Boetcher conducts Boettcher, The Tracks Arrive from "Winnetou"

Org Soundtrack from 1789 Les Armants de la Bastille

John Williams conducts Williams: Flying from "ET"

Maurice Jarre conducts Jarre, Bringing Gasim to the Camp" from "Bringing..."

Clanned: I Will Find You

Gregg Baker from Bizet Carme Jones: Stand up and Fight

amm, incl:
The White Witch Doctor
Born on the Forth of July
Dr. Zhivago
Glasgow Love
Richard Chamerbain: Love Theme from "Jason"