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Chris Prefontaine is a 3-time best-selling author of Real Estate on Your Terms, The New Rules of Real Estate Investing, and Moneeka Sawyer’s Real Estate Investing for Women. He’s also the Founder and CEO of SmartRealEstateCoach.com and host of the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast.Chris has been in real estate for almost 30 years. His experience ranges from constructing new homes in the ‘90s and owning a Realty Executive Franchise to running his own investments (commercial & residential) and coaching clients throughout North America.Today, Chris runs his own buying and selling businesses with his family team, which purchases 2-5 properties monthly, so they’re in the trenches every single week. They also help their Associates and students do the exact same thing all across North America, working together on another 10-15 properties every month.Having been through several real estate cycles, Chris understands the challenges of this business and helps students navigate the constantly changing real estate waters.If you’re serious about making money in the real estate investment business, then you can’t afford to miss this complimentary webinar! GET INSTANT ACCESS : www.3Paydays.comI have had multiple careers within the real estate industry spanning more than 25 years. During the 1990’s, I built more than 100 single-family homes. From '94-2000, I owned a Realty Executives franchise in Massachusetts, before selling my company to Coldwell Banker.Today, our family-owned business in Newport, RI still buys 4 to 10 properties per month via lease-purchases and owner financing. We have engineered more than $75 million in transactions.I am passionate about continuing education and helping others grow to their real estate investing business to its full potential. This compelled me to begin sharing my strategies and insight with others who want to build wealth outside their core business. I have coached more than 30,000 people throughout the U.S. and Canada during the last 17 years.When I meet a new student or partner, I often find they are frustrated with the hours of hard work they’ve invested is not producing wealth outside the business. They feel trapped and ready to give up. They crave straightforward and proven strategies they can apply quickly to get off the never ending treadmill.Worse yet, most of my students previously purchased “training programs” from other so called “experts” and never received an ounce of support from the “guru.”My approach is different.I teach and mentor how to apply the principles of success I use every day in building my business. Most importantly, I love working in the trenches alongside our partners; getting my hands dirty and showing them how to avoid mistakes and where they can succeed. In addition to working with me one-on-one, our partners also benefit from the collective strength and wisdom of my entire team. We are family-owned business so our partners get all of our expertise — not just mine, and that creates powerful results.Free giveaway: Free Master's Class: www.smartrealestatecoach.com/mastersclassFree Strategy Call: www.smartrealestatecoach.com/actionSocial media links:Website: http://www.smartrealestatecoach.com/Podcast: https://www.smartrealestatecoach.com/podcastFacebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/smartrealestatecoachGoogle +: htt
May 4 2022
45 mins
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Niki Bell is the founder of an International Investment Consultancy for investors. She has worked with investors for 12 years in different capacities. Her driving force is formulating investment strategies whether in the area of Investor Relations, Chief Financial Office, or DealMaker. She helps them to fulfill their needs and reach their financial goals.She represents investors in the private industry and their investments, before companies they invest in go public. She represents private investors, wealthy families, Angel investors, venture capitalist, private equity, etc. She informs her clients about the risks that they are taking with their money.Niki Bell is a powerhouse and brings her gifts from her multitude of careers in the past. She has experience in the following areas:12+ years as an International Investment Consultant. She has had deals in industries, for example, such as: biotech, technology, digital, e-commerce, Big Data, cybersecurity, agriculture, pharmaceutical, health care, mental health, wellness, distribution, commodities, manufacturing, industrial, construction, commercial real estate, zoning, etc. In addition to, stakeholders, committees, voting power, boards, and much more.25 + years as a Political Strategist in the past pertaining to: issues of civil rights, equal opportunity, women, diversity, ballot initiatives, university/corporation programs as an advocate and movement leader. She oversaw 200 organizations for many years.20 + years Business Leader & Influencer20 + years in Education, K-12, with regards to: education for Spanish speaking communities, special education, advocating for parents, teachers, and students. She has worked with multiple education committees  and at-risk youth her entire life. All on the local, state, and national level.20 + years as Community Leader with a lifetime of experience.30 + years as a performing artist, vocalist, poet, own genre of spoken word, dancer, Latin percussion drummer, and an inspirational speaker with a lifetime of experience.20 + years as a Indigenous Healer20 + years Financial Coach, Business Coach, and Spiritual Advisor30 + years as a Lifetime Survivor & Advocate of Sexual Trafficking, Domestic Violence, Family Violence, Trauma, Youth Suicide, Homelessness, and Overcoming Mental Health.Niki was awarded the "Global Leadership Award on World Humanitarian Day", August of 2021. Her purpose is in economic development, sustainability, and growth. Niki Bell is a world citizen. She is transparent, data-driven, honest to a fault, loyal, and values trust. Some of these characteristics are mirrored within her clients. She evokes the human consciousness for herself and others in order to evolve and awaken. Email: diosaLLC@gmail.com916-670-8038http://www.linkedin.com/in/diosadevidahttp://www.facebook.com/diosadinerohttp://angel.co/u/diosadevida
Mar 30 2022
42 mins
How To Sell Your Home On Your Own w/ Brad RiceWhen To SPAC with Michael FrankelThe Story Behind The Numbers with George Roberts
Although quite accomplished in science and technology, George Roberts believes strongly that a focus on personal relationships rather than data and analytics has been his greatest asset in the commercial real estate space. After a career as a heavily-cited genomics researcher and award-winning data scientist, George turned his sights to entrepreneurship and is currently focused on value-add multifamily real estate in the southeast.George is a founder of Walnut Grove Homes, an upscale residential construction company based in Troy, Michigan which reached seven-figure status in 2021. He is also a principal at Horizon Multifamily which sponsors value-add multifamily opportunities in the Southeast for qualified passive investors. He is a General Partner (GP) on a 34 unit apartment near Knoxville, TN. George is a co-GP on a 104 unit apartment in Louisville, KY. He also owns a 14-unit apartment in Orlando, FL as a joint venture. In addition to his active multifamily investments, he is passively invested in 468 multifamily units. Before devoting himself to commercial real estate full-time he worked as an award-winning data scientist and also as a bioscientist with over 700 citations in the fields of genomics, microbiology and physiology.He is the host of “The Foundery – Where Leaders are Forged Daily!”, a podcast devoted to entrepreneurship, particularly multifamily syndication.Fun factsGeorge enjoys public speaking and is an award winning Toastmaster at the Club and Area level. He has nine scientific research publications to his credit. He has an Erdős number of 5 which is a sort of "Degrees of Kevin Bacon" for scientists. He is a recipient of the 2019 Transforming Data With Intelligence award. When he is not attending to one of his business entities in the Midwest, he can be found sailing Lake Erie with his wife Mary and his two boys.Meet George on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgerobertsiii/CRE Network Zoom each Wednesday at Noon Easternhttps://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUud-6pqjIrGNSXqO4tgdPnNI3fxSzvbqQJPodcast: The Foundery – Where Leaders are Forged Daily! https://podcasts.apple.com/podcast/id1564663081YouTube (Foundery Podcast and More) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy1TAGQ7Qf9j_ZJ_Z1wIxkAInstagram https://www.instagram.com/mfinvestorgeorgeroberts/TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@georgerobertsmultifamilyPinterest https://www.pinterest.com/HorizonMultifamily Facebook https://www.facebook.com/george.roberts/Invest with George Roberts: www.horizonmultifamily.comEmail: george[at]horizonmultifamily.com
Mar 22 2022
44 mins
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