Play Together: Family Fun and Playful Parenting with Laura Haver

Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living

Oct 10 2023 • 28 mins

Why should play be a vital aspect of both children's and adults' lives? Laura Haver, a champion of play and author of the book Play Together, discusses her passion for integrating play into daily life and the transformative effects it can bring. Join us as we uncover the power of play, a tool that can decrease stress, enhance relationships, boost communication, and ignite creativity.

Laura opens up about her journey from the digital marketing space to beach tennis pro to advocating and promoting play. She reveals the influences of her time as a tennis coach and participating in the Pro Beach Tennis World Tour in shaping her views on playful parenting.

Listen to her transformative experiences and insights on embracing passion and uncovering opportunities for play in everyday life with fun games for the whole family. We explore the importance of fostering creativity, connection, and mindfulness through games. Laura shares more about her book, Play Together, which is designed to nurture creativity, connection, and mindfulness without relying on screens. Tune in for a lively discussion on embracing the joy and benefits of play!

(0:00:18) - Power of Play and New Book
Laura Haver discusses the power of play to increase creativity, connection, and mindfulness without screens, and its importance for adults, families, and children.

(0:06:28) - The Power of Play and Mindfulness
Play and mindfulness can reduce stress, strengthen relationships, improve communication, and increase creativity and innovation.

(0:11:18) - Power of Play, Creating Fun Games
Family games reduce stress, strengthen relationships, improve communication, and increase connection.

(0:19:14) - Transitioning Careers
Laura shares her journey of discovering the power of play, her experience playing tennis, transitioning to a play advocate, and the benefits of playing together as a family.

(0:28:11) - Promoting Creativity, Connection, and Mindfulness
We discuss family play, boosting creativity, connection, and mindfulness, reaching out to positive people.

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