Vintage Vices: Tales from the Antique Dealer's Den with Duane Scott Cerny

Playful Humans - People Who Play for a Living

Dec 6 2022 • 34 mins

After tens of thousands of sales, countless fails, and the revelation of too many startling stories to tell in a single night of vintage debauchery, Duane began to assemble what would later be known as Selling Dead People’s Things, a vintage memoir that documents a slice of those early years of vintage retailing.

He founded The Broadway Antique Market, home to 75 top dealers. It’s Chicago’s largest multi-dealer MCM shopping destination and vintage department store. For collectors of mid century design, BAM is a mini modern Mecca; for others, it’s a fun place to idle away an afternoon, people watch, and/or try not to buy something.

Selling Dead People’s Thingsis a #1 Amazon Bestseller and be named a Top 20 LGBTQ+ memoir of 2019!

In June 2022, he released Vintage Confidential: Retro Rattled, Tales Tattled, a hybrid memoir that weaves more vintage stories, essays, and imaginings.

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