Caleb Steen Explains How to Visualize Your Salesforce Data Geographically with MapAnything

The Brainiate Show

Mar 22 2017 • 25 mins

In this episode, I sit down for a chat with Caleb Steen.

Caleb is a Manager for SMB Solution Engineering at MapAnything, based in Charlotte, NC.
Caleb gives us a glimpse into his own introduction to Salesforce, while also providing some great insight on how organizations improve their strategic planning by visually displaying their Salesforce data based on geographical territories using a bit of magic from MapAnything.
Caleb shares some interesting and creative examples of how a waste management company uses MapAnything to track the location and delivery of their dumpsters using MapAnything and Salesforce.
Link to show notes: https://goo.gl/hN4Mt7