Blueprint Of Change: What Is The Next Generation Paradigm?

The Caleb Parker Show

Oct 11 2023 • 37 mins

Connect with the WorkBold Podcast Team:
• Host Caleb Parker
• Collaboration Partner Morgan Pierstorff

Summary: Award winning podcast host and Founder of Bold, Caleb Parker hands the mic over to Simon Abboud to lead this dynamic conversation around how young leaders view the future of work and the future of office real estate.

Simon Abboud is Director of European Management Services at the Hines Real Estate Company and Board Member of the Young Leaders Executive Committee for ULI Europe.

Simon engages in a unique panel-style discussion with young leaders from the 3 corners of the commercial real estate industry: Customer, Investor and landlord

  1. Nishar Fatema, Global Workplace Strategist, Workplace Services at ServiceNow

  2. Brice Hoffer, Portfolio Management Global Real Estate Multi-managers at UBS

  3. Paras Maalde, General Counsel and Vice President, Legal at Brookfield Properties

These young leaders are actively involved in associations such as the Urban Land Institute, CoreNet Global, and Real Estate Balance, providing diverse perspectives on the future of work.

This panel style episode delves into the 3C Strategy (Culture, Community, and Connectedness) and how it can bridge expectations between occupiers, landlords, and investors. They also explore the role of ESG in shaping the industry's future and the importance of urban regeneration.

Listen this panel of young leaders as they uncover bold ideas in commercial real estate.

• Young leaders in the commercial real estate industry are adopting a 3C strategy (Culture, Community, and Connectedness) to enhance employee engagement and bridge expectations among stakeholders.
• Landlords are responding to changing occupier needs by creating destinations in their properties, offering diverse programs and wellness activities, and collaborating on ESG goals.
• Investors are adjusting their strategies, reducing exposure to secondary office assets, and focusing on prime properties in response to the changing dynamics of the office space.
• NorNorm's circular model reduces CO2 emissions by up to 70% and promotes resource efficiency.
• Customers can track their climate impact and incorporate it into their ESG reporting.
• Flex spaces are at the forefront of industry discussions, with a focus on innovative partnerships for sustainability.
• Generation Z seeks engagement, mentorship, and instant validation in the workplace.
• Landlords should actively partner with occupiers to create inclusive and purpose-driven environments.
• Invest in regenerating existing real estate assets for a more sustainable future.


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